Special Projects

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As we work constantly with family offices and designers, we cooperate on exceptional projets. So these deals are “off-market” and you do not pay intermediates. For confidentiality reasons, we can not mention the name of the family or the brand they own…

Private Jet Selection

Advising on the selecting & acquiring of a private jet for a SFO in Singapore.
For our approach, see our blog by clicking here.

200ft Luxury yacht (French luxury branded)

We have the exclusive rights to promote the building of a single 200ft (60m) yacht. The interior will contain a huge number of interior elements of this French luxury brand. Estimated at 53,5 million USdollars. Contact us for more details.

HyperSpeedBoat #001 (by a world-famous manufacturer)

We work with an exceptional designer team of hypercars to build the first “hyper” speedboat – a boat reflecting the DNA of this luxury hypercar brand. We are still finishing the technical specifications. Estimated at 13,7 million USdollars. Click here for more information.

Lamborghini Urus Transformation (wide body)

Complete transforming of the exterior (classy painting & wide body) plus full interior refitting to turn it into a five-star VIP Lounge. The perfect decorative stitching on the instrument panel and the seats is the work of a master craftsman. Price depends on your specifications. Contact us for more details.