We are a private bank on a mission (using philanthropy to achieve our goals) !

There is no planet B so we have to act and sustain the best possible impact projects for our planet.

You can donate money, your car, your plane, your yacht… and depending on your location and situation, have some tax advantages (we will be soon 501c3 in the USA and Loi 1901 in France). Please consult us for more information.

Philanthropy is extremely important for us because it creates extra opportunities. It allows us to co-finance strong projects and endeavours that may be a little unpopular to gain the widespread momentum of banks, venture capital or governments. Being “Green or Blue” is looking at the impact we can create and not on the “Return on Investment”. For this reason, we support through our philanthropy activities project that study and/or create:

  • A cleaner ocean
  • A cleaner sky
  • Cleaner transportation systems (air, water & land)

To do this, we:

  • build on our decade of sustainable investing experience (looking at impact and not ROI)
  • integrate R&D programs funded by the European commission AND foundations
  • assist SFO/UHNWI contribute to create a better world
  • tackle this responsible investing in ways that vary from market to market and from strategy to strategy
  • providing you evidence on how these projects make a difference
  • … and why not make it cool if we can 😉

Want to know more before donating some money, your car, your plane, your yacht ? Please contact us asap by clicking here!