Important notice : Due to COVID-19, this part of the activity ended at day 1 of the lockdown (March 2020). As the economy is still very unstable and unpredictable, hard for us to rework business plans or company valuations every week.

The activity will not restart.

Our scope is to give you the best R&D based investment opportunities in the world so we collected and validated a range of investments opportunities … counting actually for more than 1,9 billion euros

Notre objectif est de vous livrer des dossiers à forte valeur dirigés par des fondateurs passionnés. Nous cherchons actuellement pour quasi 2 milliards euros.

Are you looking for EXCLUSIVE YACHTS, CLASSIC CARS… a Caravaggio painting from 1610 ! … those are the things we have in our (fast changing) portfolio.

Notre offre de YACHTS, VOITURES, JETS… est basée sur l’exclusivité… jamais la quantité !

Our December 2019 portfolio included :

Autonomous vehicle company (FR)

Global GT championship (FIA labeled)

5 champaign vineyards (FR)

Sponsoring of the largest acrobatic jet team (FR)

A rare and exclusive luxury yacht (FR)

A French Movie (FR)

A 5star Cruise ship (ES)

FashionTech company

Biotech company (CH)

Cybersecurity solution for vehicles (SG)

French sailboat sponsoring (urgent)

Our mission is to deliver you the best #investmentopportunity for your #wealthcreation.

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