Our Missions

As an independant private bank, we are on a global mission to :

  • Advise/guide Family Offices, UHNWI & Athletes with :
    • The streamlining of Acquisition & Daily Management of Private Jets, Yachts, Luxury cars, Housing, Fine Art work, Jewelry, Race Horses…. This also includes the setting up of the most appropriate legal structure. Please note we work for you so we don’t sell neither receive commissions from third parties.
    • Refit : It is a pain to find designers/architects that suit your taste and it even gets more complicated to find skilled handcraft workers. We have contacts with many designers/architects/craftsmen to refurbish/refit your private jet, yacht, car, private home in style (and at the right price).
    • Legal : like how setting up your Single Family Office or find the most appropriate structure for you asset(s).
  • Special Projects Agency : Your needs and wishes are unique so we have the team to make it happen for you. For example, finding a house with an airstrip for your private jet, a beach house with pier for your boat… or build unique jets, yachts, cars, motorbikes (as you don’t want to own the same one as your accountant or your cousin)… our “detectives” will look for the asset and we can deliver it to any place in the world. Just contact us to get convinced!
  • Asset Facilitators :
    • We have several tools to make life easier.
      • Several family offices and HNWI in our Private Bank want to sell some of their assets – so we assure the matchmaking.
      • We disrupt the investment industry through our blockchain driven investment platform (more information to come soon).

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