Creating exclusive living experiences for family offices and UHNWI

Family offices and UHNWI have the opportunity to create their living environment as they want. In many cases, their way of living requires excellence of design combined with the highest quality service

But to enable this, we bring family offices and UHNWI in contact with the right people – from designers, architects, craftsmen to top artists.

Growth-Experts assist to sculpture spaces creating the required atmosphere that surrounds families, athletes and executives, to fill them in a perfect synergy of design and craftsmanship. It designs the sensation of luxury and carries it through every sense, every touch, every breath.

We create dimensions of emotions that are the soul of a unique lifestyle experience – your lifestyle experience and we do this for:

  • SUPERYACHTS INTERIORS (we also have naval architects in our network)
  • CUSTOM CARS (interior & exterior)

One of “living experience” partners is AL-Studios.

Having a lifestyle project… just contact us to check what we can offer you by sending an email at !

Why Family Offices Should Acquire a Sports Club

Many reasons exist why family offices and executives buy sport clubs or invest in sport teams. It could be for the #Joyofownership, the #businesschallenge or #familybranding.

Owning a club is not just a sport happening but also includes a wide span of industries coverning #realestate (the stadium) and the different businesses like #stadiumactivities, #restaurants, #shops, #onlinestores … not forgetting that all clubs and each player are #marketingrelays and #marketingnetworks.

If well managed, it creates #joy and this is what it is all about as you can read in this paper.

Ayrton Senna Car For Sale

Ayrton Senna car for sale !

We are proud to present the unique opportunity to purchase Ayrton Senna’s first F1 car, a car that allowed him to score his first World Championship points.

Direct from the owner

Racing History of TG183B 05.

The Chassis no.5 made its debut at the hands of Ayrton Senna in his very first F1 race – The Grand Premio do Brazil in Rio De Janeiro 25 March 1984, qualifying 17th overall then became the first retirement, suffering Turbo failure less than 10 laps in. Subsequently Senna & Toleman went on to race the car at the first 4 rounds of the 1984 F1 season including Kyalami where he qualified 13th finishing a credible 6th in doing so scored his first world championship point. This was followed by the Belgium GP at Zolder, where Senna qualified 19th finished 7th, later being promoted to 6th due to a disqualification. Senna’s final race in TG183B 05 was at the San Marino GP Imola.

Price : 3 million euros

For more information, contact us at :

LOTUS C01 from concept bike to #Superbike !

Whatever bike brand you love… this long, low and clothed in outrageous carbon-fibre bodywork makes people turn their head. And I have found one that is for SALE for a very DECENT PRICE !

I’ve spend last weekend 3 hours with a passionate Lotus owner and drove his twincolor Lotus Evora GT430 around Versailles. When arriving in his garage, I saw that special motorbike in a corner… a LOTUS C01.

And it is not just a concept bike as LOTUS produced 100 of them. Whether you’re looking at the styling or the quality of finish, it is stunning, and features the finest carbon-fibre I have ever seen. Every piece of welding and fabrication is breathtakingly good, the carbon-fibre wheels are a work of art, and the overall stance of the bike is so different from the norm it’s hard to know what to think.

“What we’re trying to do is to put the fun back into driving”

Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars
Specifications LOTUS C01
LOTUS C01 for sale through GROWTH-EXPERTS.EU

Article : “The Joy Of Ownership”

Family Office Joy of Ownership

Article published in “FAMILY OFFICE MAGAZINE” – Autumn 2020

Acquiring a new car, a luxury watch, a private jet, a superyacht, a new interior… creates the joy of ownership around unique pieces of work.

Each story starts with the joy of acquisition as it is fun looking for a new private jet, a superyacht, a full electric powered luxury car, a new villa or apartment… each of them aligning beauty and great craftsman skills. Even with strong digital expertise, it requires privileged access to luxury marketplaces to acquire exceptional items and rely on experts to guide them in the decision process. 

At the same time, managing a large portfolio of physical assets is laborious and source of anxiety as it is strenuous to overview the overall portfolio present in multiple countries, laborious to track the status, actual value of each asset, bills, insurances, taxes… while important documents can be dispersed everywhere, not to mention the concerns to transmit these assets in the most appropriate way to the heirs.

SuburVAN lance sa levée de fonds !


SuburVAN – dossier soutenu par GrowthExperts – lance sa levée de fonds via la plateform Ayomi :

SuburVAN développe des minibus électriques autonomes pour relier les zones résidentielles et commerciales des zones périurbaines et les gares dans un rayon de 10 km ou 10 min. Ces trajets s’effectuent sans arrêts intermédiaires jusqu’aux gares TER et RER.

SuburVAN fonctionne grâce à une application où l’utilisateur planifie son trajet de porte à porte. SuburVAN vérifie les horaires des trains et RER afin de récupérer l’usager au bon moment et de le déposer à la gare à l’horaire de son train. SuburVAN peut transporter jusqu’à 6 personnes simultanément. Et entre chaque voyage, le minivan se désinfecte automatiquement.

#developpementdurable #minivan #voitureautonome #leveedefonds #anticovid19

Webinaire : What’s NEXT in aviation ?

Webinaire : What's next in AVIATION

Le monde aérien après-COVID sera bien différent de celui que nous connaissons actuellement. L’innovation sera disruptive via de nouvelles formes de mobilités, de nouveaux avions et l’utilisation intense de bigdata et intelligence artificielle. 

Ce webinaire vous expliquera en détail ce monde après-COVID et les pistes d’investissement.

Un must pour tout passionné de l’aéro.

J’interviendrai aux côtés de :

– Cedric Paillard, fondateur de Dewoitine Management LLC,

– Xavier Tytelman, Consultant sécurité, défense, aéronautique.

Pour vous inscrire, cliquez

/// Another session will be held in English on 17 November – 16h CET.

#aviationnews #aviationindustry #aviationdurable #avionelectrique #investissement #aviation #VTOL