We expect the best, so we hire the best!

Come and Join our Network of Asset-Experts

We are looking for exceptional candidates in North America and Europe that can present us exiting deals for family offices/HNWI like Private Jets, Yachts, Luxury cars and Real Estate.

Why join us?

  • You will join our network,
  • Your opportunities (and for which you have signed a communication protocol with the owner) will be presented to our network of HNWI, Family Offices…
  • Easy to kick-start (no obligation to have your own company, own office space, travel…),
  • Opportunity to enter our digital trust allowing to optimise your revenues.

Your job:

  • Find interesting Private Jets, Yachts, Luxury car and Real Estate deals for our clients
  • Sign a communication agreement with the owner/agency allowing you to present the asset onto our web portal
  • Collect all materials (detailed description, photos, videos…) so we can enter it into our database.

The selection process:

  • We are at this stage looking for Private jets/Yachts/Real Estate and Luxury cars located in the USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Your application will be studied by 3 of our staff members and if positive, we’ll organize a conference call with you.
  • We both sign a cooperation contract and up we go!
  • 72 hours after each sale, you will receive your fee
  • At the end of the year, you will also benefit from our “packages” that could include a stay in a luxury villa, a week on a yacht… depending on your performance.

Please fill in the following application form to process your application :

Questions can be send to