Hypercars – Supercars – Luxury cars

Our mission: find and deliver you your dream car (and at the right price) !

Born out of the frustration of a single family office of having too many intermediates and consultants and not sharing the same passion… we are proud to offer you a 360°solution mixing passion for cars without forgetting the daily management of your collection.

According to the Coutts Bank, Investing in cars has produced significant returns for many over the past 13 years. The growth has exceeded all other passion investments (335% between 2005 and 2019. Classic, exclusive and hypercar cars are a real passion, and investment opportunities for UHNWIs mixing their desire for a financial report with memories of their childhood, their passion for world-class engineering and irreplaceable roar of driving in an exceptionnal machine in performance and style

Car passion deals start with an initial discussion so please contact us by clicking here or see some of the cars we delivered in 2020 and 2021 by clicking here !

car brands
and several others…
    • Optimizing acquisition costs
    • Car search (to find your dreamcar – could include renovations)
    • Direct purchases / auctions
    • We have access to some very exclusive cars (low volume productions)
    • We work for you so we have the partners to design and create your dream car, a unique masterpiece AND road-ready.
    • If you dreamed of having 5 or 10 cars having your name… we know how to do it!
    • We have roadready copies of racecars, extreme exclusive 100% electric vehicles, exclusive 4×4, tuned collector cars, …just contact us to go for it !
A UNIQUE PORTFOLIO (probably the largest choice in the world)
    • Luxury cars
    • Hypercars / Supercars
    • Personalized cars (luxury tuning)
    • Racetrack cars
    • Historical cars
    • Legal services
    • Expert-verified purchases
    • Secure escrow payments
    • Import Taxes, local taxes…
    • Registration
    • We register your car into our Digital Asset Systems so it becomes a smartproperty with associated smartcontracts & smartservices
    • It allows you to manage in detail your collection from your smartphone (history, maintenance calls…)
    • Market Valuation of your collection (future implementation). Our digital AI assistant scrutes the market to update constantly the value of hypercars & supercars
    • Door to Door Delivery Services (we delivered in May 2020, 2 Rolls Royce, 3 Porsche…)
    • Pick up your car at home to deliver it to your vacation spot, your yacht, airport
    • Collection from a dealer
    • Putting your car in a safe
    • We give you the car you disire reflecting your aspiration
    • Exterior: having a classy car by removing all the brand’s signs (logo, grille…) – precisely creating a devastating look.
    • Interior: our designers transform the interior of the car into a chic environment. For example, a 100% leather interior.
      Tuning: at your request.
    • The “UN-Tuning”: Tuned cars are extremely difficult to sell, we will modify it to make it salable again.
    • Our experts take care of all interior and exterior work to make your car young again.
    • Driving and proper maintenance training for your car
    • Do you want to experience the 24 hours of Le Mans? Le Mans Classic is for you and we will try to find you a place in one of the cars.