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We propose through Immanent Travel, an official travel agency based in France, a whole portfolio of customized travels and experiences that fit your expectations!

Acquiring Real Estate in a foreign country

It is never easy to get the full picture of acquiring a villa, an apartment, a vineyard, a ranch, a private island… It is not just about presenting you a list of assets but also to make you aware of all elements like legal aspects, financial constraints, climate specificities… and even get in contact with local architects/designers to have a perfectly matching property!

We also check your specific needs – for example knowing if you can have the building permit to build a pier for your yacht or an airport runway so you can arrive by air. Let us do the work for you !

Acquiring a Superyacht

Ordering a personalized yacht has a lot of pitfalls… and it is not easy either to buy an existing one that needs some refit works (for example – new engines consume a lot less than the diesel engines 5 years ago). Also working with designers and craftsmen for interior works are very time consuming. We have the skilled people and industrial process to make it happen.

Fly quietly with your own Aircraft at the right cost

Our advisors are there to guide you in your acquisition. We can organize a private factory visit for you, guide you to the right designers and also the skilled craftsmen certified to work on your plane. We also have contacts with many leasing companies to optimize you

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