We discussed with several family offices and discovered THEIR FRUSTATION:

  • Why pay intermediates like fundraisers that do not add any value ?
  • Why pay management fees to fundmanagers while we are obliged to do the follow-up with the founders ?

So we created the “GEFES°” solution that :

  • Reduces costs => WE REDUCE FEES BY 50% !
  • Works with the companies to position their files (underline strength and eliminating weak points). This to increase success rate as only 1 in 200 files receive the expected funds.
  • We only present “validated files” so you save time, money & hassle ! We can also take in hand your due diligence process (as we work for SFO/HNWI).

Before the COVID-19, we had mandates signed for more than 2 billion euros so you can be assured we have the best experts available to :

  • Positions your file (product-market-fit).
  • Evaluate the right solution between equity, debt, convertible notes…
  • Promote your file to our network of:
    • Private funds (#VC)
    • Family Offices (#SFO)
    • Corporate Venture funds (#CVC)

=> Have a look at our actual INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO by clicking here

°GEFES (Growth-Experts-Financing-Expert-System) is a platform disrupting investment practices with:

  • The tokenization of the whole funding process
  • A very solid blockchain based secure platform for all transactions
  • Reducing costs (we reduce drastically the costs paid to external consultants/advisors…).

At the moment, we only do fundraising campaigns with projects based in the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel.

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