Growth-Experts offers a unique financing triptych in Europe covering:

  • Public funding (grants, subsidies ..) :
    • European grants through its Horizon2020 program
    • France : through the different programs Bpifrance, ANR, Ademe…
  • Private funding through:
    • Private equity
    • Family Offices (from Europe, USA and Middle East)
    • Corporate Venture
  • ICO (through StableCoins) (only available in Europe for the moment)

Public funding

We work on the development of French, European and international public funding application files for the support of R & I and industrial and commercial deployment.

Our strenghts :

  • Experts trained in Brussels,
  • Control of any aid / subsidy file from your Region to help provided by the European Commission,
  • Opportunity to assist you in the management of your subsidized project,
  • Realization of operational studies, sustainability plans, roadmaps, piloting the dissemination of results, etc.

Fundraising alignments !

A fundraiser can only succeed if the company is interesting. For this, our experts intervene at several stages of the project:

  • Audit of the existing (product, HR, market, needs …)
  • Realization of missions to make the company attractive for an investor
  • Realization of the necessary documentation for the lifting (presentation, business plan, …).

Once completed, we then present the file to investors.

January 2020: We have current mandates to raise not less than 1,9 billion Euros (in different sectors).

Financing through industrial cooperation (#CVC, # M & A, etc.)

We are also specialized in the “Corporate Venture” that allows a large company to invest in an innovative SME – or an innovative SME to receive funds but also services from a larger company. Our goal is not to create a financial link but especially a real business development that is win / win for both parties.

Our mandate can run at 4 levels:

  • Search for companies to acquire (France & Europe)
  • Conducting a pre-audit of the company (before a full due diligence)
  • Creation of a synergy plan
  • In case of M & A: Temporary takeover of the subsidiary (interim management) to realize

To read (in French) – our article published on Frenchweb: Should we innovate internally or buy innovation?

We also coordinate:

  • Mergers / acquisitions abroad (18 countries covered)
  • Creation of Joint Ventures
  • Prospecting insurance files to finance internationalization (formerly Coface)

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