Family Office Events

The place to Meet & Share experiences

Due to the COVID-19, we postponed the 2020-SFO-meetings to later dates. The virus won’t stop us so we’ll start again as soon as possible.

There are a huge number of “family office events” happening everywhere but it is extremely frustrating to see that extremely few family offices participate at these occasions. Those present find themselves “hunted” by the many wealth managers, bankers and fundraisers making these events completely worthless (and frustrating) for family offices.

Have a look at our “GEntleman Racers – or GE-Racers” events by clicking here !

As we already did with success in 2018 in the USA and France were:

  • Small meetings for SFO/UHNWI only (maximum 30 people)
  • Themed Meetings (f.e. around private jet management) followed by informal meetings
  • One day event around supercars (including the visit of artwork & private jets).

More to come soon… COVID-19 forced us to halt but it didn’t stop us at all !

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