Exceptional Properties

Our mission is to assist you in your real estate projets. We do not sell properties and we are neither an intermediate (so we really work for you). As a “concierge service” we:

  • assist you in your search (on a global basis)
    • as we are based in France, we are aware of some nice properties (castles, landhouses, beach houses, villas …) or some quality vineyards, golf fields…
  • we organize the site visits (for exemple, if you live in the USA, visit several properties in the South of France – or if you live in Europe, visit several properties in the USA). We’ll also open soon in Asia.
  • we take care of all property validations (technical & legal)
  • we optimize the financial aspects (f.e. buying at the right price, integrating it in the most appropriate way for legacy…)
  • we can take in hand the coordination of all interior works (selecting an interior architect, selecting craftsmen, follow-up, delivery…).

For Historical Buildings & Renovation (Legacy focus)

As these projects require a different approach, we are their to assist families in:

  • maintaining their cultural heritage (it is not only a question about the property but also about the family values and foundations)
  • find extra funding for all maintenance & renovation works
  • depending on the location, we also go for public heritage grants and philanthropy.