Come To France !

Site and Community Analysis for Site Selectors

Use our services to come to Europe and install your business in France – as France has a lot of hidden advantages that you won’t find in other European countries like :

  • incentives to install your company if you create more than 25 employments in the first year
  • well educated staff and lots of researchers at a price much lower than in the USA.

For companies considering France as a business location for the first time, the team provides customized site analysis research to help company officials and location advisors with locally generated data and program expertise to navigate the many programs that exist to assist new businesses. Site selection services include:

  • Customized site and building tours
  • Detecting the best spot in France to install your company (as tax incentives can make a big difference)
  • Interviews with similar companies to learn first-hand what it’s like to operate in France (and the selected city/region)
  • Detailed meetings with local and state officials who administer tax and business incentive programs.

Our references :

  • 2015 US Chemical plant (250p)
  • 2015 US IoT company (30p)
  • 2016 Swiss Concrete formwork company (70p)
  • 2017 Swiss Startup (10p)

International Business Expansion Services’s dedicated professionals work with international companies to help navigate the many issues specific to businesses headquartered internationally. International business services include:

  • Guiding companies through the myriad of additional considerations that must be addressed for companies owned by foreign interests
  • Personal assistance for international business executives
    • Facilitation to public and private service providers for international companies
    • Help understanding the regulatory environment

      Installation services for startups and Mid-sized Companies

Entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy and the team can help them accelerate their businesses. A variety of programs are available to assist entrepreneurs, and a variety of local economic development organizations can assist in strengthening a company’s ability to achieve its growth goals.

For startups, we are connected with many innovation hotspots and can help them by identifying financial partners, providing industry research and facilitating introductions to larger businesses and potential customers.