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Any organization, be it a private enterprise, a civil society or a public institution, all must grow and improve its services to assert its presence.

To do this, we are 500 experts in 12 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia,  all on a mission to accelerate your innovation projects and to develop you business activities. As these needs cash, we also do grant writing (Horizon2020) and fundraizing. As a grant-writing team, we are 30 people to work on collaborative grants and also 15 people dedicated to SME Instrument/EuroStar.

But any extension of scope is encircled by risk management. The learning curve, and integrating into a new dimension, is daunting. It is crucial, therefore, to be accompanied by leading advisors who understand this new environment and who, above all, understand your organization’s philosophy.

Growth-Expert.eu will be your privileged partner in this new economic development strategy. We offer our clients access to an integrated network with a global approach in everything we do to transcend cultures and borders. Our global reach provides us with a unique advantage of bringing together and personalizing our teams to ensure that our clients achieve their goals.

We keep in mind that each client is unique, but that benchmarks of excellence are universal. Our network is a team of experienced strategists and experts who continuously offer our clients new ideas according to the agreed strategy. At the heart of our company is our commitment to support every customer, whenever they need us.

This client-focused approach ensures that we follow constant logic, principles, procedures and methods in order to achieve high-impact results. We facilitate the steady flow of information and ideas, cultivate team spirit and monitor major developments relevant to value creation that our customers are looking for.

Our acceleration services :

  • Create growth through innovation
  • Create growth through industrial expansion (cross-border)
  • Enable growth through financing (public grants or private investments).

Our acceleration customers are :

  • Innovative SMEs
  • Innovation clusters / hubs
  • Large companies
  • Startups that are no longer in the “start” but fully in the “up”

For foreign companies, our portfolio contains :

  • M&A of French and European SME companies
  • Create BizDev by finding business partners in France (like distributors, major B2B clients….)
  • In France : we help you installing your subsidiary in France (several regions and towns give grants that can make a real difference – upto 20% of install costs … but you have to ask for it so you need an expertise. So why not contact us to see the possibilities ! )  Read more…

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