Why Family Offices Should Acquire a Sports Club

Many reasons exist why family offices and executives buy sport clubs or invest in sport teams. It could be for the #Joyofownership, the #businesschallenge or #familybranding.

Owning a club is not just a sport happening but also includes a wide span of industries coverning #realestate (the stadium) and the different businesses like #stadiumactivities, #restaurants, #shops, #onlinestores … not forgetting that all clubs and each player are #marketingrelays and #marketingnetworks.

If well managed, it creates #joy and this is what it is all about as you can read in this paper.

Webinaire : What’s NEXT in aviation ?

Webinaire : What's next in AVIATION

Le monde aérien après-COVID sera bien différent de celui que nous connaissons actuellement. L’innovation sera disruptive via de nouvelles formes de mobilités, de nouveaux avions et l’utilisation intense de bigdata et intelligence artificielle. 

Ce webinaire vous expliquera en détail ce monde après-COVID et les pistes d’investissement.

Un must pour tout passionné de l’aéro.

J’interviendrai aux côtés de :

– Cedric Paillard, fondateur de Dewoitine Management LLC,

– Xavier Tytelman, Consultant sécurité, défense, aéronautique.

Pour vous inscrire, cliquez https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ozKc-FzeRTm6Pda7yiCVqg

/// Another session will be held in English on 17 November – 16h CET.

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Make someone happy with our movie cars !

We have all great memories of cars that impressed us. Our special project team is there to search your “dream car” and deliver it to you. Just see the examples and ENJOY !

Just contact us and tell us what your dreamcar is all about ! We can deliver !

  • #Delorean – Back to the Future
  • Ford Mustang #GT500 #Eleanor – Gone in 60 seconds
  • VW Beatle – The Love Bug
  • Dodge Charger – #GeneralLee
  • #Batmobile – Batman serie of the 60ies
  • #Ferrari 308 GTS – #Magnum
  • … and many others are possible!

Get one of the 25 Carbon Fiber Body 67-68 GT500CR Mustangs

Classic Recreations’ recently unveiled heritage Shelby GT500CR carbon fiber concept car has gone into production and is ready to order. Dubbed the Carbon Edition, only 25 of these limited edition 1967/68 Shelby supercars will be delivered by the company at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas and are available for worldwide distribution.

Each vehicle has been spec’d for performance and will receive unique badging, a personalized delivery experience, registration in the Shelby Worldwide Registry and include a donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation.

We know how to optimize the purchasing of luxury cars so don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information : click here

L’Europe donne 21 millions pour créer du Textile Innovant !

La Commission européenne a décidé de donner 21 millions à 3 projets innovants pour mieux répondre aux changements sociétaux suivants :

  • Une demande croissante pour des produits sans impact négatif sur l’environnement (usage de l’eau/énergie, colorants, fibres…)
  • Passage d’un marché de la fibre pétrochimique aux fibres biosourcées
  • Une économie textile basée sur les principes de l’économie circulaire

Deadline : 22 janvier 2019

La subvention prendra en charge 100% des coûts du projet pour un montant idéal de 7M€/dossier.

Comme pour tout appel, il faut au moins 3 partenaires de 3 pays différents.

Pour plus de renseignements, consultez-nous via email : h2020-team@growth-experts.eu

#smarttextile, #subventions, #aides, #mode

July 2019 : CNN Star Richard Quest flies with stunt jet team. It didn’t go so well …

CNN star Richar Quest flies with the Breitling Jet Team

The Breitling Jet Team gives HNWI and executives the opportunity to experience acrobatic jet flying in close formation (6-7 jets). CNN star Richard Quest took the opportunity… and he got an unforgettable experience (but didn’t like it so much) !

If you are not aware of this, this great JET TEAM is looking for a new sponsor (the contract with Breitling will end in december). So if you are interested or know a brand interested having its colours on this “TOP GUN” team, just contact me !


#richardquest, #questcnn, #cnn, #cnnbusiness, #breitlingjets, #SQUADONAMISSION

Rafale 2040 – a winner or a looser ?

Rafal 2040 at Bourget 2019

The new Rafale – expected to arrive in 2040 – was presented at the Bourget Air Show (June 2019).

I keep wondering if this is the future or the past. The existing Rafale is extremely powerfull and impressive (everyone left the halls to see the airshow) but has heavy fuel consumption and makes lots of noise. In the opposite way, we have more and more electric drones that can stay in the air for 24 hours in a completely silent mode.

So is the future of warfare going to be manned or unmanned (knowing both solutions will contain powerfull sophisticated machines with lots of Artificial Intelligence) ?

So where to invest for future benefits ? One thing is sure, they wil both have AI !