LOTUS C01 from concept bike to #Superbike !

Whatever bike brand you love… this long, low and clothed in outrageous carbon-fibre bodywork makes people turn their head. And I have found one that is for SALE for a very DECENT PRICE !

I’ve spend last weekend 3 hours with a passionate Lotus owner and drove his twincolor Lotus Evora GT430 around Versailles. When arriving in his garage, I saw that special motorbike in a corner… a LOTUS C01.

And it is not just a concept bike as LOTUS produced 100 of them. Whether you’re looking at the styling or the quality of finish, it is stunning, and features the finest carbon-fibre I have ever seen. Every piece of welding and fabrication is breathtakingly good, the carbon-fibre wheels are a work of art, and the overall stance of the bike is so different from the norm it’s hard to know what to think.

“What we’re trying to do is to put the fun back into driving”

Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars
Specifications LOTUS C01
LOTUS C01 for sale through GROWTH-EXPERTS.EU

Article : “The Joy Of Ownership”

Family Office Joy of Ownership

Article published in “FAMILY OFFICE MAGAZINE” – Autumn 2020

Acquiring a new car, a luxury watch, a private jet, a superyacht, a new interior… creates the joy of ownership around unique pieces of work.

Each story starts with the joy of acquisition as it is fun looking for a new private jet, a superyacht, a full electric powered luxury car, a new villa or apartment… each of them aligning beauty and great craftsman skills. Even with strong digital expertise, it requires privileged access to luxury marketplaces to acquire exceptional items and rely on experts to guide them in the decision process. 

At the same time, managing a large portfolio of physical assets is laborious and source of anxiety as it is strenuous to overview the overall portfolio present in multiple countries, laborious to track the status, actual value of each asset, bills, insurances, taxes… while important documents can be dispersed everywhere, not to mention the concerns to transmit these assets in the most appropriate way to the heirs.

Some of our 2020 car deliveries

Find below some of our 2020 projects for which we:

  • Did the expertise (see if the car is in good shape & conform to the original discription)
  • Picked it up throughout Europe and deliver it at the owner’s address

PS: we respect privacy so don’t mention the names of the new owners.

Les étapes d’une transmission d’entreprise

PHASE DE PREPARATION (environ 12 mois)

  • Préparer son entreprise à la vente
  • Définir son projet de cession (avec réorganisation de son patrimoine professionnel/personnel)
  • Bien s’entourer
  • Appréhender la valeur de son entreprise

PHASE DE TRANSMISSION (environ 12 mois)

  • Gérer la confidentialité
  • Cibler les acquéreurs potentiels (2 à 3 semaines)
  • Produire une information fiable et étayée : Vendor Due Diligence (4 à 12 semaines)
  • Sonder l’attrait du marché : le teaser (4 à 8 semaines)
  • Produire un prospectus de vente : le mémorandum d’information (6-12 semaines)
  • Analyse des offres préliminaires : la lettre d’intention (4 semaines)
  • Négocier les termes du contrat de cession : le protocole d’accord (4-8 semaines)
  • Focus sur la garantie d’actif et de passif
  • L’information des salariés
  • Le signing au closing
  • Gérer ses liquidités

La Nouvelle Génération De Start-Up Studios

Une nouvelle génération de start-up studios est en train de voir le jour.

La nouvelle génération de start-up studios se base sur un modèle économique très différent en créant d’abord un cahier des charges pour la réalisation d’une grande plateforme commune. Chaque start-up travaillera sur son produit/service tout en apportant en même temps sa brique technologique en échange de services fournis par la start-up studio. La plateforme permet un échange de biens et services permettant la mise en place d’une relation win-win qui couvre la partie financière mais également technologique.

Pour continuer la lecture, cliquez ici : https://www.forbes.fr/business/la-nouvelle-generation-de-start-up-studios/