Buying Expeditions

It is not always easy to buy an asset without seeing it and comparing it. As you want the best deal and not buy the one offered by the most promising sales person, our mission as a Private Bank is to assist you to see clear by organizing “buying expeditions”.

Some of our trips:

A trip to compare and buy a supercar/hypercar : we organize everything for you (flight, hotels, meetings,…) to some luxury showrooms in the world displaying each 100 to 250 supercars ! Our car expert will be there to indicate you the details of every car so you can pick the car that suits you best by having all critical information.
Showroom luxury cars

A trip to compare and buy your yacht or sailboat : we organize everything for you (flight, hotels, visits, meetings,…) to major yacht shows and even shipwarfs. Our experts will be there with you to check all smallest details, give you the necessary advice so atthe end of the day, you know the boat you want to have (probably through leasing but that will be done in a second step).
Yacht Show, Monaco Yacht Show, Miami Yacht Show

A trip to compare and buy your plane or private jet :we organize everything for you (flight, hotels, visits, meetings,…). This can be very exclusive (for example, a visit to Boeing Business Jets, Airbus Corporate Jets, Dassault, Gulfstream…) or going both at a major airshow-exhibitions. Meeting with our experts will facilitate your understanding and optimize your purchase.
Private Plane showroom, Private Jet Showroom

Want to join us for our next “buying expedition”… just contact us by clicking here.

Due to COVID-19, certain travel restriction may apply but we do our best to get things done !