Actual dealflow

If you are looking for exceptional, rare or unique jets/yachts/cars… contact us directly as we can not display these opportunities.

Last update : February 4, 2021

IDDESCRIPTIONWhat we like in this fileAmountLink
K1Innovative industrial appliance for restaurant & bars.
First factory in HongKong
URGENT as they having huge orders to fullfill (clients are waiting).
Could be loan and/or equity
contact us
ANAviation Innovation Fund (Canada based)Focused investments in serie A,B,C (so no seed) $60Mdownload
DKDakar 2022 race car
(Designed in France)
High qualified team. Car with disruptive “green” engine$4,5Mcontact us
RKPlanes for RedCross Africa (mgmt based in Canada)First seed investment, then plane/drone leasing. Ideal for plane financing companies$1Mdownload
BDNew tasting experience around high quality HONEY products (France)Very innovative device.
Using existing beekeeper activities & networks
CCIoT devises for mobility (HQ in France)Great track record of the family (quality products & stong internat. distribution channels)$15Mcontact us
LINew viewing experiences (hardware & software)Bridge funding (company based in USA & China)$30Mcontact us
JAPharmaceutical Canabis PlantInteresting market positionning$15Mcontact us
LMInnovative AIRSHIP (HQ in UK)Spinoff of a large global plane builder. Very industrial approach$35Mcontact us
HTaround 50 4/5 star hotels in Europe(seen Covid… could be more interesting to regroup hotel investments as a country-wide hotel activity)contact us
If you look for something else… just send a short mail. We are aware several ongoing co-investment projects of other family offices.