Some Numbers on #Superyacht Sales

Some Superyacht market numbers

5,400 superyachts in operation (Jan 2022)

83% are motor yachts

17% are sailing yachts

154 superyachts completed in 2021

±180 superyachts deliveries expected in 2022

Around 20% are available for sale (and chartering).

New yacht sales will drop in 2022 as 2021 was a huge success (no stock)

Availability of used yachts is dropping fast (no stock available)

2021-2020 sales comparison:

Yacht sales between 30-40 meters doubled

Yacht sales between 60-80 meters tripled

Only 21 shipyards in the world can build over 80 meter yachts

Only 13 shipyards are building yachts with +3,000 GT volumes

90% of new motor boats come with “hybrid” power trains.940 refits in 2021 (number stable)

2 years is the average time of an over 40meter yacht has between refit yard visits