Mirror Mirror on the wall… bring me to the best beaches in Africa (Indian Ocean)

An exquisite piece of Indian Ocean paradise, Benguerra Island is a luxury beach  holiday destination where time stands still. Situated off the coast of  Mozambique within the protected marine reserve of the Bazaruto Archipelago  National Park, this island hideaway is set on a protected lagoon. Warm waters,  pristine coral reefs teeming with marine life, idyllic beaches, inland freshwater  lakes and towering sand dunes have shaped this adventure haven.

The lodge lies sheltered within the canopy of an indigenous forest and swaying  palm trees. The welcoming guest areas offer views of the lush tropical garden  and the ocean beyond. Under the shade of straw covered wooden awnings,  inviting comfortable loungers are set up around the lodge’s rim flow swimming  pool. A colourfully decorated traditional wooden dhow has been converted  into a picturesque beach bar, while the cool surrounds of the massage sala  hold the promise of deep relaxation.

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