Our mission: bring together SFO and UHNWI around assets!

Due to the COVID-19, this project has been delayed and we still hope to open our first showroom in 2020. More information to come.

SFO and UHNWI all have the same need to access quality products and optimize daily management of these assets. But this is harder than people can imagine. So we will create “showrooms” as a:

  • Clubhouse where SFO and UHNWI can meet each others (no bankers, wealth managers, bankers, consultants allowed…)
  • Hotspot to show our list of great assets. Some of the assets like exceptional cars, motor bikes… will be displayed. For others like private jets, yachts… we try to work on exceptional 3D experiences (with or without VR headsets).
  • HotMeeting places where we can invite in small committees interior designers, yacht engineers, car tuners… to exchange experiences.
  • … and so on.

This will be GLOBAL meaning we tend to initiate our showrooms in the USA, LONDON, PARIS, DUBAI, SINGAPORE… to start with.

More in formation to follow soon.