For investors = Pour investisseurs

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Our scope is to give you the best R&D based investment opportunities in the world so we collected and validated a range of investments opportunities … counting actually for more than 1,9 billion euros

Notre objectif est de vous livrer des dossiers à forte valeur dirigés par des fondateurs passionnés. Nous cherchons actuellement pour quasi 2 milliards euros.

Are you looking for EXCLUSIVE YACHTS, CLASSIC CARS… a Caravaggio painting from 1610 ! … those are the things we have in our (fast changing) portfolio.

Notre offre de YACHTS, VOITURES, JETS… est basée sur l’exclusivité… jamais la quantité !

Our December 2019 portfolio included :

Autonomous vehicle company (FR)

Global GT championship (FIA labeled)

5 champaign vineyards (FR)

Sponsoring of the largest acrobatic jet team (FR)

A rare and exclusive luxury yacht (FR)

A French Movie (FR)

A 5star Cruise ship (ES)

FashionTech company

Biotech company (CH)

Cybersecurity solution for vehicles (SG)

French sailboat sponsoring (urgent)

We really wants to deliver us the best #investmentopportunity for your #wealthcreation.

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