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For passionate investors :

We have some very exclusive yachts, classic cars and even a Caravaggio painting from 1610 !

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This portfolio includes :

  • Autonomous vehicle company (FR)
  • Global GT championship (FIA labeled)
  • A Saint-Emilion domain (FR)
  • The largest acrobatic jet team (FR)
  • A rare and exclusive luxury yacht (FR)
  • A French Movie (FR)
  • A 5star Cruise ship (ES)
  • FashionTech company
  • Biotech company (CH)
  • Cybersecurity solution for vehicles (SG)
  • Jobboard (D) – serie B
  • French sailboat sponsoring (urgent)
  • 3 French startups,
  • 3 Singapore startups
  • 3 USA startups
  • Classic Cars

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