Article : “The Joy Of Ownership”

Family Office Joy of Ownership

Article published in “FAMILY OFFICE MAGAZINE” – Autumn 2020

Acquiring a new car, a luxury watch, a private jet, a superyacht, a new interior… creates the joy of ownership around unique pieces of work.

Each story starts with the joy of acquisition as it is fun looking for a new private jet, a superyacht, a full electric powered luxury car, a new villa or apartment… each of them aligning beauty and great craftsman skills. Even with strong digital expertise, it requires privileged access to luxury marketplaces to acquire exceptional items and rely on experts to guide them in the decision process. 

At the same time, managing a large portfolio of physical assets is laborious and source of anxiety as it is strenuous to overview the overall portfolio present in multiple countries, laborious to track the status, actual value of each asset, bills, insurances, taxes… while important documents can be dispersed everywhere, not to mention the concerns to transmit these assets in the most appropriate way to the heirs.

SuburVAN lance sa levée de fonds !


SuburVAN – dossier soutenu par GrowthExperts – lance sa levée de fonds via la plateform Ayomi :

SuburVAN développe des minibus électriques autonomes pour relier les zones résidentielles et commerciales des zones périurbaines et les gares dans un rayon de 10 km ou 10 min. Ces trajets s’effectuent sans arrêts intermédiaires jusqu’aux gares TER et RER.

SuburVAN fonctionne grâce à une application où l’utilisateur planifie son trajet de porte à porte. SuburVAN vérifie les horaires des trains et RER afin de récupérer l’usager au bon moment et de le déposer à la gare à l’horaire de son train. SuburVAN peut transporter jusqu’à 6 personnes simultanément. Et entre chaque voyage, le minivan se désinfecte automatiquement.

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Webinaire : What’s NEXT in aviation ?

Webinaire : What's next in AVIATION

Le monde aérien après-COVID sera bien différent de celui que nous connaissons actuellement. L’innovation sera disruptive via de nouvelles formes de mobilités, de nouveaux avions et l’utilisation intense de bigdata et intelligence artificielle. 

Ce webinaire vous expliquera en détail ce monde après-COVID et les pistes d’investissement.

Un must pour tout passionné de l’aéro.

J’interviendrai aux côtés de :

– Cedric Paillard, fondateur de Dewoitine Management LLC,

– Xavier Tytelman, Consultant sécurité, défense, aéronautique.

Pour vous inscrire, cliquez

/// Another session will be held in English on 17 November – 16h CET.

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Make someone happy with our movie cars !

We have all great memories of cars that impressed us. Our special project team is there to search your “dream car” and deliver it to you. Just see the examples and ENJOY !

Just contact us and tell us what your dreamcar is all about ! We can deliver !

  • #Delorean – Back to the Future
  • Ford Mustang #GT500 #Eleanor – Gone in 60 seconds
  • VW Beatle – The Love Bug
  • Dodge Charger – #GeneralLee
  • #Batmobile – Batman serie of the 60ies
  • #Ferrari 308 GTS – #Magnum
  • … and many others are possible!

Get one of the 25 Carbon Fiber Body 67-68 GT500CR Mustangs

Classic Recreations’ recently unveiled heritage Shelby GT500CR carbon fiber concept car has gone into production and is ready to order. Dubbed the Carbon Edition, only 25 of these limited edition 1967/68 Shelby supercars will be delivered by the company at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas and are available for worldwide distribution.

Each vehicle has been spec’d for performance and will receive unique badging, a personalized delivery experience, registration in the Shelby Worldwide Registry and include a donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation.

We know how to optimize the purchasing of luxury cars so don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information : click here

Some of our 2020 car deliveries

Find below some of our 2020 projects for which we:

  • Did the expertise (see if the car is in good shape & conform to the original discription)
  • Picked it up throughout Europe and deliver it at the owner’s address

PS: we respect privacy so don’t mention the names of the new owners.

Become owner of this Hyperboat #001

Become the owner of the first Hyperboat co-created by the designers of the most famous hypercar brand in the world !

Only 6 to be build… and you will get the most famous one… #001 !

The exterior and interior of this hyperboat respects in its’ smallest detail the design codes and signatures of the HYPERCAR brand and everything will be handmade. has the exclusivity to present you this HYPERBOAT-#001 while the numbers 002 and 006 can only be bought by owners of a car from that brand.

This luxury and powerful speedboat with a very classy design, giving all comfort to its 12 passengers (and also has a night compartment for 4 adults). The hybrid engine will create speed and agility.
This boat is creating a new segment of luxury hyperboats.

Technical specifications :

  • Carbon hull and structure
  • LOA : 19.60 m
  • Beam : 6.70 m
  • Displct : 18.4 T
  • Engine : 1 000 KWHybrid or full electric propulsion with fuel cell (*under development).

Don’t wait as we only have one Hyperboat to offer => contact-us

Buying a Private Jet

Buying a Private Jet

We offer the full service package – from co-selection to interior refitting to delivery – so you can acquire your private jet in peace and without hassle.

One of the most common mistakes potential buyers make when searching for an aircraft is not taking the time to understand their individual set of requirements. The factors to be considered include:

  • How do you tune “purchase costs” ? Different formulas exist and we assist you in selecting the right financing options.
  • Your Travel needs. As a starting point, look at your travel within the last 12 months (before the COVID lockdown): how often have you flown, how far, and with how many passengers? Did you fly in and out of major airports, or were your destinations smaller regional airfields? Were you flying for business? For leisure? A combination of the two? Did you also have a lot of luggage? We assist you in selecting the right plane.
  • A new one or used-one ? With a lot of recent planes available due to the COVID-19, perhaps better to buy an existing one and have an interior architect do all the interior designs. We assist you in finding the right architect/designer and specialized company for the execution.
  • Your annual budget. There are multiple additional expenses to consider with aircraft ownership – operation, annual maintenance, storage and crew to name just a few.
  • Model Comparisons. We have the experts and network to select the most appropriate one … and available immediately.

Once decided, we enter a second step,

  • We visit and review in detail the aircraft
  • Letter of intent
  • Deposit (to a broker or escrow agent)
  • Pre-purchase inspection (experienced advisor with aircraft mechanic inspection experience). The inspector will provide a list of “things to be done”
  • Purchase agreement
  • Technical acceptance
  • Closing
  • Eventual interior refitting
  • Eventual exterior repainting
  • Final Delivery

Just contact us for more information by clicking here