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Covering 18 countries and coordinated from our Paris office, we are a network of 500 senior experts. 75% of our team is composed of ex-Research directors, 20% grant writing and 5% are funding experts. This makes us a well-aligned intervention team specialized in:

  • Defining YOUR STRONGEST growth strategy (by using innovation, industrial cooperation and international expansion). And as growth always requires extra funds… we have the team to assist you in :
    • Raising funds : from 2 million euros and up to 250 million euros. End of August 2019, we are searching for our clients an amount of 1,3 billion euros)
    • The writing of public grant files (European programs H2020, Bpifrance …)
    • Industrial cooperation ( Merger-Acquisition or Corporate Venture)
    • Funding through Initial Coin Offering (in partnership with specialized firms).

With 500 experts, including 75% of former R & D directors, 20% of experts in grant writing and 5% in M​​&A, we act in a almost all fields like :

Agriculture, #AgriTech, #FoodTech, Military, Defense, #ArtTech, #Design, #Audiovisual, #Entertainment, #Automotive, #Banking, #FinTech, #InsurTech, #AssurTech, #Construction, #BioTech, #RetailTech, #Aeronautics, #Aerospatial, #BlueEconomy, #Railways, #Naval, #Crafts, #DigitalEconomy, #Publishing, #Energy, #Education, #EduTech, #Environment, #e-Government, #FaschionTech, #Healthcare, #Hospitality / #Catering / #Tourism, #Computerscience, #SocialNetworks, #Logistics, #GreenTransport, #Mechanics, #MedTech, #NewMaterials, #Sports

On January 2019, we are present in following countries :

Europe: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey
Middle East / Asia: Dubai, India, Korea, Abu Dhabi
Africa: We closed our African activities on October 4, 2018.

Only those who take risks win !

Moteur Growth Experts


1- Growth through financing (public and private funding)

All innovation and research projects have difficulties to get funded. Our particularity is to combine different kinds of financing – public and private – allowing to reach our goal.

  1. Public funding : with a team of 35 people specialized in European grants (#Horizon2020, #HorizonEurope…) … we know how to create the best possibile files to increase your grant file. We apply for instrumentPME, #FastTrack grants and all larger collaborative files (grants from 5 to 40 million euros).
  2. Private funding, we assist you in your fundraising campaigns starting at 2million euros (our largest ones being 250 million euros). Our privileged contacts with 900 funds in France, Europe and Emirates help us to increase your funding chances.
  3. Concerning ICO funding, we already work with major advisory services but we will be offering these « internally » from April 2019.

2 – Growth through industrial cooperation

  • Creating the strategic positioning plan (or roadmap) for your company
  • Detection of investment opportunities (technology or business)
  • Detection of European startups for your industrial expansion (Aquiring innovation)
  • Research of an industrial player to create an industrial cooperation.

3 – Growth through implementing innovation HUBS

We offer our experiences in the establishment of ecosystems like Hubs of innovation, living labs, multi-country innovation hubs, Technoparks or Open Innovation Networks …

We have opened 3 campuses with their technoparks ecosystems in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. For Q2, 2019… we are preparing something HUGE on a global basis ! Stay connected !

4 – Services for Family Offices

We already deliver following services : Other services (on a global basis) for family offices will be launched in April 2019.

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