Our fields of activity

Imagined by a single family office to serve other family offices.

Grown out of the frustration of a Single Family Office, we now:

1- Assist Single Family Offices & UHNWI by

  • Finding the appropriate private jet, yacht, luxury car, motorbike, property… at the right price.
  • Directing all interior/exterior works (refurbishment/refitting) using great designers/architects and the best skilled handcraft people.
  • Giving the power to owners by integrating them inside a Digital Family Office.

Our particularity : we can handle missions from A to Z (even delivering cars/yachts at your property).

2 – Run Catalogue management

  • We are aware of the best picks for Private Jets, Yachts, Luxury Cars… on a global basis.
  • As we work with the best architects/designers… we can also propose directly keen “off-market” assets (without intermediates). 
  • As a family office… why not sell your asset to another family office without using  intermediates so saving costs.

Our particularity : Our portfolio focuses Family Offices, UHNWI…

3 – Fundraising

We have close connections to investors (including other family offices) to work on your fundraising campaigns.

As we streamlined our “fundraising campaigns” and “fundraising administration” through our Growth-Experts-Token system… we can also reduce administrative costs significantly.