Who are we ?

We are an independant Private Bank based in Paris (France) and Miami-Beach (Florida-USA) committed to the wellbeing of our clients (family offices, UHNWI, corporate executive…) and we are on a global mission to:
  • Streamline their Acquisition Process of private planes, yachts, hypercars… : we advise you in the buying of the right asset at the right price.
  • Streamline Investments : we disrupt the investment industry through our blockchain driven investment platform (more information to come soon)
  • Support Earth Philanthropy projects : we go beyond the advisory as we are also a bank on a mission to create a better planet!
  • Streamline Daily Management : We are all missing time and need to take in control our assets. Our digital toolset allows you to manage all your assets from your smartphone. No longer need to call your CEO or accountant for information !
  • Streamline the Interior Design Process : we work with recognized architects/designers to rework all the interior design/refitting of your jet, yacht, house, car… so it really fits your lifestyle.
  • Deliver Concierge Services : as Private bank, we offer a portfolio of specific services for our clients.
  • Search Agency : You want a special private jet, yacht, car, motorbike, villa (so not having the same as your accountant)… our “detectives” will look for the asset and we can deliver it to any place in the world. Even stronger, we have contacts with designers that can make your dreamcar or dreamboat for you !

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Only those that try win and enjoy life!

We streamline acquisition, investment and daily management

Our fields of activity

Imagined by a single family office to serve other family offices.

Grown out of the frustration of a Single Family Office, we now:

1- Assist Single Family Offices & UHNWI by

  • Finding the appropriate private jet, yacht, luxury car, motorbike, property… at the right price.
  • Directing all interior/exterior works (refurbishment/refitting) using great designers/architects and the best skilled handcraft people.
  • Giving the power to owners by integrating them inside a Digital Family Office.

Our particularity : we can handle missions from A to Z (even delivering cars/yachts at your property).

2 – Run Catalogue management

  • We are aware of the best picks for Private Jets, Yachts, Luxury Cars… on a global basis.
  • As we work with the best architects/designers… we can also propose directly keen “off-market” assets (without intermediates). 
  • As a family office… why not sell your asset to another family office without using  intermediates so saving costs.

Our particularity : Our portfolio focuses Family Offices, UHNWI…

3 – Fundraising

We have close connections to investors (including other family offices) to work on your fundraising campaigns.

As we streamlined our “fundraising campaigns” and “fundraising administration” through our Growth-Experts-Token system… we can also reduce administrative costs significantly.


Special Projects

Our full service portfolio is available through our portal : (click here).

As we work constantly with family offices and designers, we cooperate on exceptional projets. So these deals are “off-market” and you do not pay intermediates. For confidentiality reasons, we can not mention the name of the family or the brand they own…

Private Jet Selection

Advising on the selecting & acquiring of a private jet for a SFO in Singapore.
For our approach, see our blog by clicking here.

200ft Luxury yacht (French luxury branded)

We have the exclusive rights to promote the building of a single 200ft (60m) yacht. The interior will contain a huge number of interior elements of this French luxury brand. Estimated at 53,5 million USdollars. Contact us for more details.

HyperSpeedBoat #001 (by a world-famous manufacturer)

We work with an exceptional designer team of hypercars to build the first “hyper” speedboat – a boat reflecting the DNA of this luxury hypercar brand. We are still finishing the technical specifications. Estimated at 13,7 million USdollars. Click here for more information.

Lamborghini Urus Transformation (wide body)

Complete transforming of the exterior (classy painting & wide body) plus full interior refitting to turn it into a five-star VIP Lounge. The perfect decorative stitching on the instrument panel and the seats is the work of a master craftsman. Price depends on your specifications. Contact us for more details.



We are global and fully digital… with offices in France and Florida (USA).

We will reopen our offices in the Middle-East and China/Singapore as soon as possible. 

We have a great team to serve you… up to you now to contact us  through one of our emails :

Portrait Erik VanRompay President, Erik Van Rompay

The email address ” hello@growth-experts.africa ” is no longer active.

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